Medication Tracker Magnet


Medication Tracker Magnet – Keep track of your child’s medication



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Keep track of what medication your child has had when they are sick and avoid over medicating. Our Medication tracker comes with a magnetic back so it can be adhered to your fridge. It is also laminated so you can write on it with a whiteboard marker and easily wipe off and reuse.

Should your child need to go to the Dr or hospital, just grab your tracker or take a quick photo and bring with you. No more guessing when you have given medications.


  • Include the temperature of your child when medication given
  • Notes section to include pertinent information such as if they threw up the medication
  • Dosage column
  • Date and Time columns
  • Add your child’s age and weight so medical professionals and you can refer to it when working out dosages
  • Helpful information section including fevers and important contact information.


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