What is a Busy Bag?

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What is a Busy Bag?

Have you ever heard someone talk about Busy Bags and wondered what is a Busy Bag? (Busy Bags are also sometimes referred to as Busy Books)

I know when I first heard the term Busy Bag I had no idea what it was.

You might have heard it in parenting circles or toddler groups.

It’s one of those phrases that you hear but don’t always have context for.

So it’s a….

A Busy Bag (or Busy Book) is a collection of activities for children to do. Pretty Simple right?

So how is it different to toys? Well firstly it’s pages that are easily transportable. Small activities that can be done on the go, at home or in quiet spaces.

They are printed sheets that are often laminated, but are also sometimes made out of felt and other materials.

Laminating the pages means that not only are the pages more durable. It also means that the activities can also be done more than once.

Heart Moments Kids Busy Bags are laminated for durability and then included either in clear zip bag.

Example of Heart Moments Kids Busy Bag
What is a Busy Bags/

What ages are Busy Bags for?

Busy Bags can be for just about any age really.

Heart Moments Kids Busy Bags are for toddler to preschool age and include all the tools you need for your youngster to play over and over again.

Why should I buy a Busy Bag?

If you’re time poor and on a budget then buying a complete Busy Bag is perfect for you. And, Heart Moments Kids Busy Bags have everything you need for your youngster to get started straight away.

No needing to head to the shops to buy little bits and pieces like markers or string. They are the complete package.

Busy Bags are perfect for parents who are trying to find fun activities for their child that can be used more than once. They are great for when you can sit down with your child or when they are busy on their own.

As they are portable, Busy Bags are also great for travel such as on a plane or travelling in the car.

What re in a Busy Bag?

Busy Bags can have a wide variety of activities.

Heart Moments Kids Busy Bags may include:

  • themed sheets for you and your youngster to recreate popular nursery rhymes
  • tracing activities to develop fine motor skills
  • tracing activities that develop pre-writing skills
  • activities to develop pattern identification and differentation

plus more. What is a Busy Bag?

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