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Why I use Doterra Oils

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Why I use Doterra oils?

I often get asked why I use Doterra Oils instead of other brands. This question is normally preceded by asking why I use oils at all.

So here it is. The answers to these and some other common questions I get asked as a Doterra Oil user and Advocate.

Why use oils at all?

Pure Essential oils are a natural complementary option for supporting mine and my families wellbeing.

I first started using oils when my daughter started teething. She started at 5 months old and it was rough! Her teeth were determined to cut two at a time at one point even three at a time.

As a first time mum I didn’t want to just medicate my child unless she really needed it.

When teething, my girls cheeks were red. she cried most of the day and she would not let me put her down. She didn’t sleep well. Then, we were both miserable.

Seeing my daughter like this just broke my heart. Add to that the anxiety of being a first time Mum and being scared that everything you do is possibly wrong and no-one was coping well.

So as a First Time mum freaking out, not wanting to give my baby medicine unless I really had to, I started searching. I researched. I spoke to medically trained friends and family, I spoke to other mums; experienced and new mums, I asked the Maternal Health Nurses at check up appointments.

I discovered Doterra Essential Oils and Lavender Essential Oil in particular. I found that when I diluted the lavender oil and rubbed it along her jawline it calmed her and soothed her. And that also calmed and soothed me.

All I had to do was rub this along her jawline regularly. It seemed too easy. But boy did it work. So now I use Lavender and other oils for myself and my family for any reason I can find. They have changed how I cope as a mother.

Please Note: Essentail Oils are safe when used correctly and are gentle on children. Make sure when using oils that you use them diluted and safely.

So that’s why I chose oils. For a safe, natural, non-toxic and complementary option for my families wellbeing and especially my daughters.

Aren’t all oils the same?

I had used essential oils before I tried Doterra and thought that I knew enough to make sure I was using quality and pure products.

I was wrong. Much to my horror, the oils that I had bought previously, and been told by the seller and company that they were pure, were in fact not.

On looking closely at the bottles I had previously bought and been assured were Pure, I saw a small, nearly invisible line that the oils were in a ‘multi-purpose liquid’.

What is in that multi-purpose liquid? I have no idea. The bottle doesn’t tell me. The company doesn’t have any information I can find on it.

So what ever amount of Pure Essential Oils are in those bottles are mixed with who knows what.

But when I looked at Doterra Oils, they are 100% Pure Essential Oils. The only thing in their Lavender Oil is Lavender oil. And the same goes for their other oils.

Not only that, but using Doterra’s Source to You website you can enter in the Quality ID from any bottle of oil to see the results of independent testing by a third party laboratory for any contaminants or additions. If an oil doesn’t pass the testing, then the batch it came from isn’t sold.

Doterra also share a list of all the ways they test and analyse their oils. Does your oil company provide this?

This all adds to my confidence in Doterra oils.

How can I get Doterra oils for myself?

There are a few ways you can get Doterra Oils for yourself.

3 Popular Enrolment Kits.
Some popular enrolment kits
  1. You can pay retail price and order them right now through my Doterra site
  2. Pay Wholesale by joining as a wholesale customer – You can purchase a kit and save even more money plus get a Wholesale Account included or just purchase a Wholesale Account and then buy the specific Oils you would like. (Just click on Wholesale Account)
  3. Start your own Doterra Business and become a Wellness Advocate. Enrol with a Kit and get started now with support from me and my team! We have optional regular training provided and support so that you can learn about your oils and share oils with others.

If you want to learn more about oils before you buy, then simply contact me here or connect with me on Facebook.

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