Mental Health or just a hair change?

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Have you ever done something out of struggling with an aspect of your Mental Health? Recently I dyed my hair. No Biggie right. Except this was, a biggie. Not because I dyed my hair but because of why I dyed my hair. Plus said hair dying, did not go to plan.

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I mean there wasn’t a great deal of plan involved but the plan really didn’t end up how I excpected. And the colour…well it was a look. A bright, in your face look.

At this point I was thinking that in my anxiety I had made a big mistake!

The reality is that I made the decision to colour my hair out of a state of anxiety and extreme agitation.

It was a better choice than self harming but was still symptomatic of my mind not being well in that moment and other moments.

Behind the hair – More than Mental Health?

The picture behind my new hair is much much darker than the colour it ended up.

It is one of Major Depression, Anxiety and PTSD. It’s a mum who has struggled with PND.

A mum who has had 4 miscarriages. A mum whose daughter was stillborn in January this year.

It could be worse right!

A mum who hurts so much in the inside that sometimes she wants to hurt on the outside.

A mum who is seeing a psychiatrist and a counsellor. Who takes medication to help her through the days and nights.

A mum who is struggling with chronic pain that stops her being able to do everything she wants to. With reduced mobility.

A mum who is tired.

A mum who yesterday was not in complete control and made a snap decision.

I’m sharing this picture behind the hair because what you see may actually be a sign that someone isn’t ok.

It’s bright. Really bright…

If you see someone making big changes out of the blue or maybe just don’t seem themselves…check in.

Because it might just be a new hair colour, but it might also be someone needing support and to be talked down off a virtual or even a literal ledge.

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